Asian Homestyle Cooking

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Cooking is art

Homestyle cooking is that art used as a medium of expression to tell your friends and family how much you dearly love them, not in words... but with what you serve them with.

Homestyle cooking isn't merely limited to tradition. A grandmother doesn't care about labeling their creative expression as haute, or fusion, though I doubt you'll find one that misses a single episode of the Iron Chef!!!

Fact is, like Tao, or a martial art involving zen, creativity in cooking comes from simplicity of what ingredients one finds easily available.... and a deep void inside from which all sincerity and true inspiration flows from.

One doesn't need to contrive what will be an amazing dish everyone will enjoy and cherish the memory of, and even dream about when they are old. That can never be purely a science, but rather an intuitive process.

So share your experiances, not just the cooking but the meal itself, the birthdays, weddings, New Years, and other holidays. Tell us about not just how you made the meals, but who you seved it to them and why they deserved the extra effort from you if you want to share this.

What makes cooking "home"-style is what makes a home into a home, the love behind it.

So in that spirit, love, create, enjoy, and let your family and freinds know how much they really mean to you. Celebrate and live to the fullest!!! RSS Feed what is XML?

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